Street Obstruction Bond (Application Attached)


When building or construction projects involve the closing or obstruction of streets, alleys, or sidewalks, the construction company or contractor has to apply for an application with city officials that shows the amount of space the contractor will use. This is normally accompanied by a set of detailed drawings made to scale that show:

  • dimensions of sidewalks
  • curbs
  • location of trees and  fire hydrants
  • catch basins
  • crosswalks
  • and the total width of street or alley and total width of pavement

In addition to this information, the contractor also has to show a certificate of insurance for general liability and a street obstruction bond in order to obtain a building permit that allows the street or sidewalk obstruction during the period of construction. This street obstruction bond covers compliance with ordinances and indemnifies the city or municipality against any claims arising by reason of a permit to obstruct streets.

There are many other requirements that cities and municipalities may impose on construction companies for permission to obstruct street access to motor vehicles or pedestrians. They include confining all materials used to obstruct the street to the actual portion that is allowed for this purpose and to prevent sand, dirt, and other materials or debris of any kind from being blown or otherwise moved to any other portion of the street.

The company receiving permission to obstruct a street or sidewalk will automatically assume liability arising out of work performed under the permit or in any number of other ways, including:

  • failure to perform the obligations with respect to street maintenance
  • failure to maintain warning devices
  • any other use and occupancy of any sidewalk or walkway

The language of a street obstruction bond is often strongly worded to ensure that the company with the permit required to close a street or sidewalk clears the city and its officials of any possible liability in this regard.

Amendments to Permit Bond Rules
The Department of Transportation has made a number of amendments to the permit bond rules. See the following notice and forms, which are in pdf format.
Notice Reminder: The amounts of most permit bonds will increase on July 1, 2008. See Notice for details.
Permit Bond: One Location Liability
Permit Bond: Two to Fifty Locations Liability effective July 1, 2008
Permit Bond: 51 to 100 Locations Liability effective July 1, 2008
Permit Bond: More Than 100 Locations Liability effective July 1, 2008
Permit Bond: One Location Liability - Building Operations Permits Only
Permit Bond: More Than One Location - Building Operations Permits Only


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