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With most public contractors, surety bonding is a most important and sensitive subject. We would like to offer an opportunity with Contract Surety Agency to enhance your bonding.

Contractor P & P Bond Application

Supply Bond Application

The following information will allow us to provide a review of your account.

  • Contractors Questionnaire- Represents an outline of the contractor's operation.  Please be as specific as possible.
  • Corporate Financial Statements- Three years of Corporate financial statements prepared by a CPA with an acknowledging cover letter.
  • Job & Trade Supplier List- Presents information regarding the contractor's experience.
  • Work In Progress- This form will ask for the status of projects currently underway and details of recently completed contracts.
  • Personal Financial Statement- All stockholders must provide a detailed personal statement for the current year.
  • Bank Reference Letter- A letter from the contractor's bank stating when the account was opened, average cash balance, and current borrowing capacity.
  • Resumes- Required for all "Key" personnel.

Upon the completion of a favorable underwriting review the execution of the General Indemnity Agreement will be required.  This legal document provides the surety with guarantees from all owners & spouses, as well as affiliated and subsidiary businesses.

There are some good reasons you should work with us.  Perhaps we can help...

  • Increase your current bond program, or offer a better rate
  • Approach the surety market for a "second opinion" on a job you want to bid
  • Secure a "back-up" surety who will stand ready to "step in" should the need arise

Perhaps you have heard of our agency or done business with us in the past.  Consider...

  • That we have been in the surety industry for 40 years
  • That we have provided bonding on single projects ranging up to $400,000,000
  • That we have arranged a 2 billion dollar line of credit for a client