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The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs has imposed a mandatory Compliance Bond requirement for those looking to be licensed or those seeking permits to perform certain business operations.

The following are some of the business types that are required to maintain Compliance Bonds in order to be issued a license.

  • Auctioneer Bond
  • Antique Shop & Antique Store Bond
  • Car Dealer and Auto Sale Bond
  • Dry Cleaner Bond
  • Employment Agency Bond
  • Laundromat Bond
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Pawn Shop & Pawn Broker
  • Process Server Bond
  • Secondhand Dealer Bond
  • Secondhand Dealer General Bond
  • Theatrical Managers
  • Thrift Shop or Vintage
  • Watch Repair Shops

Most of the NYC Department Of Consumer Affairs Compliance Bonds, our office can issue them immediately, signed, sealed and stamped.  From there they only need to be countersigned and notarized prior to filling the bond with the NYCDCA..  Please complete the attached application and send it back to us by Fax (516-349-5916) or email (

Western Form 10E

We are listed on the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs Compliance Bond Provider List.