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With access to the top rated insurance companies, Thompson Surety Agency will help provide your organization with the necessary crime policy to protect your company from the potentially devastating impact of employee and non-employee perpetrated crimes.

Employee theft can deliver a striking blow to a business. Surveys have shown that a surprisingly large number of employees have admitted stealing from their employers during the previous year.

Fidelity Bonds:  A fidelity bond is a two party agreement wherein an employer is covered against fraudulent or dishonest acts of employees against any property insured owns or for which he is legally liable. 

The size and nature of operations make for varying recommendations for protection against the widely prevalent threat of property and financial loss from criminal activity, inside and outside the premises.

There is a choice of coverage plans, the broadest involving combinations of coverage forms that have long been identified as blanket or comprehensive crime insurance. Needed protection is arranged by the use of as many coverage forms as are appropriate for the insured's exposure.

What does a Fidelity Bond do, well it’s primary coverage is employee theft. This will pay for loss or damage to money, securities and other property directly from theft or forgery by an employee.

Several other agreements can be added or included in your Fidelity / Crime policy to protect you from someone other than an employee.

Such as:

  • Forgery or Alteration
  • Inside the Premises – Theft of Money & Securities
  • Inside The Premises Robbery or Safe Burglary of other property
  • Outside The Premises Theft of Money & Securities and Robbery of Other property
  • Computer Fraud
  • Money Orders And Counterfeit Currency

Other coverage could apply depending on the type of business and insurance company providing the policy.

Underwriting Requirements

A premium will be determined after a review of your completed application, but will be directly affected by the type of business, coverage, limits desired and employee count.

Please include business financials (if available) with your submission. For Fidelity Bond limits of $1,000,000 or more business financials are required.

CNA Janitorial Bond
ERISA Application
Travelers CRI-1001 Greater than $1,000,000
Travelers Fidelity less than $1,000,000
Travelers third party crime application